Citrix Receiver: Ideal for BYOD Schemes

Citrix has unveiled a new solution tailored for mobile, which allows users to access work documents, applications and desktops from any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. The easy-to-install client is available for all popular OS’, including iOS, Android, RIM and Windows, so that workers can use their favourite device at work and when away from the office.

Citrix Receiver is designed to work in conjunction with a Citrix-enabled IT infrastructure and not only is ideal for the increasingly mobile environment, but it gives mobile users a high definition experience that won’t disappoint.

Access to the office is fully secure with the client from any device and does away with the need for complex mobile management solutions. Receiver is ideal for those who run virtual hosted desktops, as these can be securely and quickly delivered alongside enterprise apps.

The client can even adapt a device so that it’s processing, graphical and network capabilities match those of the native capabilities of any desktops, apps and IT services that they may need to access.

BYOD schemes continue to rise as the mobile revolution flourishes. This means that many companies are struggling to manage how work is accessed when an employee is out of the office.

For many, this means that a secure mobile management solution has to be put in place, along with a sound policy which addresses compliance and security. However, with Citrix Receiver, this becomes unnecessary as the client can be installed and configured in a few simple steps.

Employees who want to use their preferred device for work will be more productive and efficient, as they are allowed to work out of the office at their convenience. This is ideal for sales people who are constantly out of the office, but still need to update their documents and flexible workers who enjoy working from home.

Telecommuting and flexible employment is becoming more and more popular with each passing month, thanks mainly to advances in technology which mean that people are no longer constricted to working from a PC.

Given the amount of tablets coming onto the market this year, Citrix couldn’t have timed the client better really. Add to that the continuing rise in the use of smartphones for work and more ‘phablets’ being manufactured and Receiver could be just the solution that your company is looking for to enable hosted desktops on a wide range of devices.

The client is easy to install and set up, IT departments simply have to activate Receiver for Web or request an auto-configuration link once an email address has been entered. Once this is done and the software configured, it’s ready to go.

This is great news for IT; whilst enterprise spending remains at the same level it has for a while, companies who don’t make the most out of newer technologies, such as cloud and mobile, will be left behind struggling with legacy networks and products.

In order to stay ahead of the game, it’s vital that companies ensure that they have properly joined the digital revolution. Citrix Receiver and GoCloud’s hosted desktops are an ideal and cost-effective way that businesses can achieve this with little outlay.

If you have been waiting to introduce a BYOD scheme but haven’t yet taken the plunge, now is the time to act. Hosted desktops are ideal to further enable this and now, with Citrix Receiver, a lot of the hassle has been cut out so that you and your employees have access to the office, wherever you are.