Cisco Study Reveals 79% want Virtual Desktop [includes infographic]

A recent study from Cisco has revealed that IT decision makers have current plans, or are planning to implement virtual desktops in the future. Of those, 35% are planning to do so within the next year and 20% within the next three. At the moment, just 25% of the 1300 companies asked said they already have hosted desktop services in place. When asked what is preventing them from putting virtual desktops in place right now, 46% cited cost as their main obstacle, followed by bandwidth at 45%.

Virtual desktop (VDI) performance caused by WAN latency (37 percent), integration of native with virtual desktops (34 percent), and the overall complexity of the deployment (33 percent),” were also key factors, according to the survey.

Whilst cost is cited as the top reason, this isn’t to say that CIO or IT decision makers don’t strictly recognise the benefits of cloud technology, as 52% of respondents said that “claimed it was an imperative made by their business or CIO to in order to improve costs, productivity and agility”.

However, 41% said they were “following their peers”, which could be translated as keeping up with the competition, whilst 30% said their main reasons were based in what their customers expect and require.

The research was carried out in 13 different countries to give a broad idea of how IT decision makers feel about cloud in general and how adoption is being taken up. Many chose storage as their top reason for wanting to deploy to the cloud so that (presumably) they can reduce the amount of hardware based on company premises.

In a quirky addition to the study, Cisco also revealed that, with no migration strategy in place, 38% of “IT decision makers would rather get a root canal, dig a ditch, or do their own taxes than address network challenges associated with public or private cloud deployments”.

The 2012 Cisco Global Cloud Networking Survey also took a closer look at how long deployment takes once the decision has been made to migrate and found that it can be done successfully within 6 months. This is of course dependant on the type of service that the companies are introducing.

The research expands on the ‘Cisco Global Cloud Index’, which found that by 2014 over 50% of “computing workloads” in data centres will be in the cloud and they also predict that this will “grow over 12 times by 2015, to 1.6 zettabytes per year – the equivalent of over four days of business-class video for every person on Earth".

Whilst the study makes it clear that deployment to cloud terrifies a certain amount of IT professionals, many have woken up to the fact that it’s becoming more or less inevitable. Whilst 73% said they feel confident about beginning private or public cloud deployment, 27% said that “they have more knowledge about how to play Angry Birds than the steps needed to migrate their company’s network and applications to the cloud”.

Security obviously remains a large concern as the majority (76%) say that they expect their cloud applications to be breached. Despite this, cloud take-up is expected to increase significantly by the end of 2012.

“Presently, only 5 percent of IT decision makers have been able to migrate at least half of their total applications to the cloud. By the end of 2012, that number is expected to significantly rise, as one in five (20 percent) will have deployed over half of their total applications to the cloud,” the study found.

For a more detailed view of the survey’s findings, see the infographic below; as costs go with deployment, this is often easier to implement than many realise so it’s worth planning extensively before you move to the cloud and your GoCloud reseller can help your company carry this out.

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virtual hosted desktops

virtual hosted desktops

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