Be prepared for the big freeze

Are you prepared? Are you prepared for winter? Do you have gloves, coats and winter jackets ready? Have you made sure that your car is road worthy for the upcoming winter months? You may be prepared to get your winter clothes out of the closet at a moment’s notice, but what about your business?

Keep your business running smoothly

The winter season introduces a new set of travelling conditions for commuters, where workers are taking larger risks to get to work. Keeping your workforce productive and safe during the winter months is important and especially in tough financial times.

Protect your assets

The heavy snow in November 2010, cost UK businesses £1.2 billion a day. This is a colossal amount of money, where the UK’s economy is so fragile. Can the UK economy withstand another blow? Many businesses struggled under the strain of adverse driving conditions. Hosted Desktops are a great method of preparing your business against the worst weather conditions.

Hosted Desktops a great alternative to a VPN

A majority of businesses use VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) where all the server equipment is generally stored in the office. However, if a power failure or a loss of connectivity occurs your business will become unproductive.

The beauty of Hosted Desktop is they are located in a highly secure data centre. In a catastrophe, data centres are designed to continue operating. For instances, if there’s a power failure the data centres will operate on diesel generators.

The Hosted Desktops allow you to work anywhere with an Internet connection. Your staff can work from home safely with a Hosted Desktop.

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