5 Reasons Cloud can Improve your Customer’s Business

Historically, cloud has for the most part been taken up by smaller, tech savvy companies than large organisations and SMEs. However, this is beginning to change at a rate that is now moving much faster than many predicted. Myths surrounding cloud, such as security, have discouraged companies from moving to the cloud; for larger enterprises, deployment has put them off due to the sheer size of the project at times and worries concerning loss of data, management etc.

Things are changing quickly though, and many companies now recognise the benefits that cloud can offer. The increase in take-up means that this will probably cause something of a snowball effect, insomuch as the more companies that see others successfully using cloud services will lead to more and more doing the same.

Bearing this in mind, any technology or telecommunications company that are considering becoming GoCloud hosted desktop providers, should jump on the cloud bandwagon right now to ensure that they capture a market that is rapidly increasing at what, in essence, is getting them in at ‘the ground floor’.

Of course, you still need to convince your customers that cloud is write for them, so below are five reasons that you can use to sell your GoCloud hosted desktop products to a cynical customer who has heard through Chinese Whispers that cloud is bad.

  1. For larger companies, cloud is ideal for testing code development work; alongside this, hosted applications are easier to manage, offer much more flexibility and scalability and are easy to support. Even for those companies who have the resources to employ an IT department, hosted desktops will be an asset as IT pros often find themselves snowed under with trying to support users, whilst maintaining hardware and onsite infrastructure.
  2. Enterprises can significantly reduce costs by using hosted desktop services whilst maintaining some of their own hardware. This kind of hybrid set-up represents the ideal solution for large companies who are finding full deployment to the cloud as not the ideal solution for them.
  3. As pointed out by HP last month, “it is one thing to relegate a few servers running test and development jobs to a cloud-based infrastructure. But delivering business applications quickly and efficiently continues to be the most important charter for IT organizations.” This of course, means that hosted desktops are the chief product that IT managers within an organisation want to see put in place.
  4. Whilst many companies worry that keeping their data away from the business premises represents a bigger security risk, due to an increase in the complexity in the way malicious attacks are orchestrated, the opposite is true. Organisations are much more likely to have their onsite infrastructure breached in a targeted attack than if it’s kept at a secure data centre.
  5. ‘It’s all about the cash’ – the cloud offers so much in terms of what a company can do with their cash flow, which is the bane of many a business’ life. Especially with regard to SMEs, who often have cash flow problems due to late payers, unexpected bills and suchlike, hosted desktop solutions are ideal for reducing capital expenditure, up and downscaling and much more.

For GoCloud hosted desktop providers, the above barely touches on the benefits that hosted desktops and the cloud represent to your customers. All of GoCloud’s solutions can be branded with your company details, which as well as ensuring that you can access hosted desktop sales easily and affordably, will raise your own company profile as one that offers the most up-to-date technology around.