The Power of Remote Working

According to the Office for National Statistics, of the 30.2 million people in work, 4.2 million are home workers, giving a remote working rate of 13.9%. 

This is made possible due to a number of reasons, from faster Wi-Fi, to more relaxed employee contracts. However, the availability of Hosted Desktops could very well be the biggest factor driving this positive change.

GoCloud's many partners are helping to spread the power of remote working across the UK by clearly communicating its benefits, which are wide-ranging and invaluable:


Many things affect productivity, most of which you might not even have thought about. Comfortable surroundings, wearing your own clothes, choosing the perfect spot to work, and even hearing birdsong outside can all improve your working day and the amount you get done.

Meanwhile, silence and solitude (which are rarely available in an office environment) can go a long way to increasing your work rate.

Technology is everywhere

The prevalence of strong public Wi-Fi signals, combined with being able to do all of your work from a portable device, means that anywhere can become an extension of the workplace.

What's more, most coffee shops, trains and buses come with USB charging sockets these days, so you won't run out of juice whilst out and about.

Collaboration and social time

Taking a little time out from work to have a quick chat can actually support your workflow. This is because it gives the brain a breather, similar to stretching your legs or giving your eyes a rest from the screen.

Whether it's a natter over the fence with a neighbour or calling a loved one for a catchup, being social during the working day can have major benefits.

Perfect for Millennials

Having grown up with smartphones, social media, online banking, FaceTime, countless apps and Wi-Fi, Millennials are naturally equipped for remote working. 

Chances are that they'll function better in a working environment of their choosing, whether that's at home or even in a cafe. Just because some of us need to be surrounded by office furniture and a corporate structure, it doesn't mean it's best for everyone.

Great for wellbeing

Remote working can have many advantages when it comes to your wellbeing. For a start, not having to commute is surely a bonus, plus it gives you a little extra time to either sleep or enjoy your morning rituals.

This doesn't mean that you don't get any exercise though, as remote working is perfect for those who like to keep fit during the day. Whether it's a lunchtime walk, weights in the garden or aerobics in the living room, you're free to move around however you wish.

Remote working also has some strange merits that might not even cross your mind until they suddenly pop up. Examples are being at home when parcels are delivered, having the option to shower on a hot afternoon, and spending a little more time with the family or household pet, even if indirectly.

All of the above come together to make you happier in your work, which in turn benefits the company as a whole and its customers.

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