The Power of Inbound Marketing

As a GoCloud Partner, one of your top priorities will be to make your sales activity as efficient as possible. This means maximising profits whilst minimising the stages between lead acquisition and taking on a new customer.

Whilst traditional forms of promotion are still important, such as printed materials and press releases, digital inbound marketing should very much be integrated into your strategy. Below are some reasons why.

Outbound activity can be good for building a brand and increasing sales. These include radio and TV adverts, coverage in newspapers and magazines, direct mails, cold calls and banner ads. However, these are all one-way tools and dependent upon the viewer making the next move. With inbound marketing, the mission is to provide a resource, information or advice that can be engaged with in its own right. Examples include social media, referrals, blog posts (especially if there's an option to comment), and anything else that provides opportunity to learn something new or enter a conversation.

PPC ads promoting the benefits of our Hosted Desktops will always deliver results, but the same form of promotion directing the audience to a downloadable guide or an instructional video will prove far more popular. The trick is to always include a strong call to action, resulting in the viewer finding out more if the product is relevant to their company.

Speaking of relevance, this plays a large role in inbound marketing. There are multiple ways of fine-tuning your digital activity so that the vast majority of the audience fits your demographic. From specifying demographics for Facebook adverts, to running re-marketing campaigns that are only seen by those who have visited your website within a set timeframe, you’ll find that the metrics soon show an increased number of promising enquiries.

Inbound marketing is also a more friendly, helpful and professional approach to filling your sales funnel. No one wants to feel that they’re being sold to; rather, they want to believe that they’ve made an informed decision to buy, following a little research into the subject. If you provide everything they need to gather insightful information quickly, your new customers are more likely to stay with you long-term, especially when combined with excellent post-sale customer service.

The above doesn’t mean that you can’t advertise special offers, loyalty schemes and referral perks. In fact, mixing well-written, visually impactful and informative marketing materials with a limited time discount or freebie can have amazing results. Simply remember that, as with everything else that your company does, it’s essential that you take time when creating your inbound marketing campaigns. Audiences will always respond better to highly polished and easy to follow messages over slapdash, overbearing and unwarranted promotions.

The beauty of inbound marketing is that practically every element can overlap or direct to another. For instance, a personalised email campaign sent to a targeted list can recommend that the reader clicks through to a new blog post on a useful topic. Case studies on your website can include a downloadable version, making it easier for prospective customers to share the information in meetings. And your social media, which should be manned regularly during business hours, can point enquiries to landing pages that present full details of your Hosted Desktops. As well as enhancing the way you interact with the public, all of the above will fuel extra web traffic that can be monitored through Google Analytics or your own metrics system. If one type of activity isn’t working as well as others, you have the ability to tweak it as often as required until it comes out on top.

Finally, inbound marketing is both time- and cost-effective, allowing you and your teams to focus on supplying the best service around to existing customers.

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