Using Testimonials to Engage New Customers

If you’re considering becoming or already are a GoCloud partner, chances are you’re a whizz at gaining new customers and maintaining a steady flow through your sales funnel. However, a powerful tool that is neglected by the vast majority of companies is honest and useful testimonials.

Whilst providing concise information to web visitors and answering enquiries is crucial, the insight that prospective customers gain is still being provided by you, the one selling the product. By gathering testimonials and case studies from existing users, you’ll provide an unbiased account of how Hosted Desktops can make real change in the workplace.

This approach also helps to build trust between you and the audience. Your competitors will surely be claiming that they too have the best Hosted Desktops around, but without customer feedback that’s accessible to the public, it can sometimes be perceived as hot air. The beauty of testimonials is that they can also be used for your marketing activity, from social media to email campaigns, and can even help your PR due to them being independent data.

Of course, you can choose which pieces of customer feedback to use. Needless to say, if you receive any negative comments, the onus is on working with the customer to rectify the problem and keep their business. Thankfully, due to GoCloud’s first-rate security systems, user-friendly interface and ability to adapt, we’re confident that the majority of reviews will be shining examples of your dedication to top customer service.

As we’ve touched on, there’s a difference between testimonials and case studies. Whilst the former could be a sentence or two, the latter tends to be a more focused piece of research into how your services have transformed the way the customer’s business operates. It could include productivity figures, pinpoint a specific improvement, or simply be a digestible account of application. Whatever the case, including images, full names and job titles creates a solid resource that can be used both digitally and in print.

On top of this, asking customers to leave reviews on your Google Business and Facebook pages is another great way to breed trust in your products and services. Whilst highly beneficial for your online identity, it also goes a long way to helping potential buyers to make a decision quickly and effectively.

Some companies offer incentives to key customers in exchange for providing feedback, or a discount for recommending you to their peers. This can prove highly effective but isn’t necessarily required – it’s very much a case of deciding on suitability, so is worth bearing in mind depending on specific relationships within your client base.

However you go about it, we strongly recommend that you invest a little time into encouraging customers to leave or send some feedback. Great for your brand and useful for inquisitive buyers, it also gives the benefactor a little free coverage for their business. It’s very much win-win-win!

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