Why is Selling our Hosted Desktops Better than Creating and Selling Your Own?

Trying to decide whether to build your own Hosted Desktops solution or become a partner? Read on.

You can skip the first step

Just look at that article title again: It’s a question that goes part of the way to answering itself.

The main reason GoCloud’s solution is the easier one is that it removes the difficult first steps from the journey to successful sales. Creating your own functional Hosted Desktops requires a lot of money, ingenuity, industry knowledge, staff and resources, as well as advanced and adaptable tech capabilities.

While many potential partners may have access to these things, it will take a lot of time and investment to create anything truly sellable. That means a lot of building, tweaking, testing and rebuilding before costs are covered, never mind the beginning of healthy profits.

GoCloud brings a secure, reliable and very attractive ready-made solution to sellers. This gives our partners the capability to bring it to market whilst removing the long and arduous task of inception from the equation.

You can focus on playing to your strengths

Our Hosted Desktops are resold to all kinds of different end users, from educational institutions looking for a remote teaching solution, to innovative tech businesses searching for something to strengthen their infrastructure. They all have one thing in common though: Each has reached a tipping point regarding their IT systems.

Every business at this stage faces a choice between continuing to work through the problem, wasting time and effort outside of their area of competence, or looking to a provider for support. The latter is an instant, affordable and savvy option, allowing employees to work more efficiently than ever before.

To someone with a strategic mind, this choice isn’t really a choice at all. That’s why we have so many partners working with us to roll out top-notch Hosted Desktops across the UK.

You can put your own brand on our Hosted Desktops quickly and easily

Whether you’re an SAAS company making GoCloud part of a broader service you provide, or an adept sales company adding our solution to your offerings, you can be sure that our Hosted Desktops can be incorporated into your brand and business model without any fuss.

When you become a GoCloud partner, we will assign a dedicated account manager. From there on, they will get to know your business and brand while supporting you in marketing, sales and promotions.

We also provide you with helpful guides and a white labelling kit, so you can rebrand the Hosted Desktop packages however you wish. Then of course there's our second and third line customer support, taking away any worries of not being able to deal with a customer enquiry.

Incidentally, you’ll be glad to know that we only sell to resellers and not directly to users, leaving us free to focus on working with you, not competing against you.

You can keep on saving time and money

For as long as you’re a GoCloud partner, you’ll be saving money on servers, infrastructure, support staff, security… the list goes on. We manage all of these things and more, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best.

To see the full range of the support we offer, read our partner benefits.