Help Your Customers Reach New Heights with Hosted Desktops

If you’re looking to increase sales and improve profit margins through a flexible product that deliver daily results, you need to become a GoCloud Partner.

By reselling our Hosted Desktops, you’ll help companies of all shapes and sizes to do business faster, more effectively, and from anywhere they choose. That’s because our product is protected by a state-of-the-art UK data centre, complete with automatic updates and offering the ability for end users to work remotely. As a result, through cloud-based document sharing and each employee’s desktop available wherever they need it, collaboration and productivity are taken to whole new levels.

Practically every type of business will benefit from Hosted Desktops in a range of ways. Whilst security, reliability and speed are often the key selling points, the user also has the ability to reduce their carbon footprint by storing significantly less data on site, and even investing in thin clients. Basically, the less a hardware system has to do, the less power it uses. This is good for energy bills and great for the planet, all whilst simplifying and improving the way employees access files and folders.

Due to the efficiency and security offered by GoCloud, everything runs smoothly around the clock for your customers. They benefit from our technical specialists and advanced technology monitoring the system 24/7, fixing issues before they go any further. Our data centre is ISO27001 accredited, adhering to the incredibly strict internationally recognised standard. Anti-virus protection comes as standard too, using Symantec End-Point security, combined with a failover system co-designed by HP. Put simply, you and your customers are in safe hands.

When it comes to support, you provide the first line of contact to your customers whilst we supply second and third line services. So if you can’t answer a question or rectify an issue yourself, you simply pass them to us and we do the rest. In the meantime, your customers are receiving a top-rate service under your company name, helping to further build your brand and after-sales reputation.

Speaking of your brand, we send you an easy to use white labelling kit, which guides you through the best way to rebrand GoCloud’s Hosted Desktops as your own product. This not only adds a very attractive service to your portfolio, but also solidifies your standing as a provider of reliable and game-changing IT services.

Plus, if you ever need any tips or suggestions on how to take your sales to the next level, we’re always here with in-depth advice and pointers. 

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