Cloud-based Security Equates to a More Profitable Business

It’s easy for a company to leverage cloud-based IT systems and applications to increase productivity, security and sales. This is a fact that many modern businesses can attest to.

In fact, a recent survey by Schneider Electric has found that 42% of a sample of 300 IT security professionals with decision-making responsibilities are already using cloud-based IT security to keep the data of their company and clients safe.

A further 45% stated that they are ‘likely’ or ‘extremely likely’ to move their security applications to the cloud in the near future. This will only leave a few stragglers working the old-fashioned way, and they won't stay like that for long, thanks to you.

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In short, cloud-based security systems are favourable for a number of reasons:

  1. They offer greater adaptability: On demand cloud technology can combat new threats as they emerge, responding to the changing security environment rapidly and effectively. This should help to satisfy those who have improved security measures already on their wish list.
  2. The cost of security scales with use: This is good news for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to adopt high quality security systems on a budget.
  3. Security and DevOps integrate better with Hosted Desktops: Using the cloud, security operations can easily be made part of the DevOps process, meaning that digital safety is incorporated into the system as it evolves.

"Leveraging the cloud for security applications is becoming increasingly accepted – and required – as we move into a 24/7 digital world," said Steven Turney, Security Program Manager at Schneider Electric.

"Especially for companies where security management improvements are imminent, it makes sense to consider innovation at every level of their organisation to meet their security needs. As businesses are required to be more agile, the cloud helps to unify and simplify security measures so an organisation's data, people and assets are constantly protected."

Schneider Electric’s study is just one of many indications that cloud-based security is increasingly preferred over older methods, and with very good reason.

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