Cloud Computing, Business Adaptation and... the Mongols

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As cloud computing changes the way we work and how we do business, we also need to adapt our thought processes.

The Mongols came to rule the largest land empire in history because they embraced the advent of horse riding. Essentially, it freed them from hoarding their assets and skilled warriors in one place, allowing greater freedom of strategy. The older kingdoms, tied to one site, didn’t have the weaponry or the mindset to fend off the savvy Mongols.

This is a good metaphor for cloud-enabled companies today. The advent of cloud computing and Hosted Desktops means that businesses no longer need to cram their machinery and staff into the same place, like kingdoms hoarding treasures. Instead, they can be free to work anywhere, in any way, with access to whichever business data they require.

Just as the Mongols dominated any part of the world they coveted, companies in the cloud can dominate their sphere of business, leaving the competition feeling like yesterday’s news.

It’s all about embracing the cloud and the new way of thinking that goes with it. This is what your leads and customers need to know to make full use of the cloud:

Information isn’t stored on a server at the office that could fail at any moment, accessed only via unreliable machines on premises that close over night. With GoCloud, work and service delivery platforms can exist wherever is most convenient for your customers. As you can imagine, this will improve productivity no end, giving your end users that crucial edge over their competitors.

Data security must be integrated and dynamic, rather than added on at the end. To go back to the Mongols, they had no walls around their towns, but every man, woman and child could fight like an elite soldier. They could also pack up their assets and move on whenever necessary. At GoCloud we call this dynamic, end-to-end, system-wide security. Because your data is not held in just the one place, it must be secured throughout. This has huge advantages, as hackers and viruses can no longer break through the security wall and plunder everything.

Rapid, low-cost scalability without limits is easy in the cloud. This is due to the simple reason that bulky hardware no longer needs to be bought and controlled by the business doing the expanding. GoCloud gives end users the power to scale up their IT with only a few clicks or a telephone conversation.

This removal of responsibility over IT delivery and security allows your customers to focus on growing their businesses. And remember, it’s not just the strongest that survives, but the one that is also most adaptable to change.

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