Hosted Desktops for Education and Training Organisations

Education is all about getting ready for the future, and it’s not just the students that can learn new tricks. Education and training organisations too often have to put up with old and clunky hardware networks.

GoCloud and our partners can replace these with simple devices connected directly to an external server. Meanwhile, equally overstretched and under-equipped IT staff are assisted by remote tech support.

Easily scaled up and down

Anyone who has worked in education or training knows that you can’t predict from day to day how many people you’ll be catering for. Students drop out, trainees switch courses or get jobs, and schoolchildren are completely unpredictable.

Meanwhile new staff, courses, curriculums and functionality demands appear all of the time. It can be hard for schools, universities and training companies to cope with numbers and costs at the best of times, without the unwieldy burden of IT provision to worry about.

Luckily for your education-based customers, GoCloud offers the opportunity to add and remove users from networks with maximum ease and minimal expense. There is no need to buy and run servers and network equipment, and unlike a lot of cloud system operators, we charge monthly payments based on the number of users.

That means that if a customer’s course has an unexpected surge in popularity, they can quickly increase the size of their IT infrastructure to cope effectively. Conversely, if there are a few dropouts, there is no need to keep paying the bills for an overlarge IT provision.

Plenty of tech support

A school, university or training facility needs to have tech support that it can rely on. Teachers and trainers have their hands and minds full, so if a problem did arise it could fall by the wayside, only to grow and cause significant damage.

On these occasions, the GoCloud team provides you with all of the tools and support needed to offer a quick and effective solution. We supply full user admin access and optional extras, such as VMware environment functionality, so you can directly resolve most issues.

For those you can’t fix directly, we offer our own second and third line support 24/7 through direct contact and ticketing systems, complete with a rapid response rate. All of this means that our Hosted Desktops will always work for teachers, directors and trainers, no matter what their jobs throw at them.

Optional Hosted Exchange mailbox

If there’s one thing that’s truly difficult in an educational environment, it’s keeping everyone up to date and in the loop. Each individual has different priorities and a huge list of things to do, with numerous messages that need sharing with management, other teams and students.

To help your customers to communicate smoothly, you can offer a Hosted Exchange mailbox as an optional extra. This integrated communication system is a small tool that makes a big difference in education.

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