How Hosted Desktops Fuel Productivity

Productivity is the driving force behind business. Ask any CEO or company owner what they want from their staff and systems, and the P-word is very likely to be in there.

GoCloud’s Hosted Desktops help to increase the efficiency in many ways. Here are a few examples.

Always on and raring to go

A productive businessperson is always on, which means their network should be too. GoCloud offers amazing levels of network uptime so that users are always connected to their Hosted Desktops.

Nothing stops our data centres running – viruses, power cuts and hackers are thwarted thanks to multiple layers of protection against every eventuality, allowing you and your customers to rely on us 100%.

Not only that, we offer second and third line tech support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So even if the problem is at your users’ end, you can still be sure that they’ll be back up and running in no time.

Rapid expansion at low cost

You will know better than us that your clients are always looking to move forward. In business that often means dodging obstacles and avoiding brick walls, which will otherwise slow them down or bring operations rattling to a halt.

There’s no need to worry about this with GoCloud, as we offer easy scalability with low cost and high efficiency. That equates to less time spent installing new software, replacing old hardware and figuring out how to expand the network, and more time spent moving onward and upward.

All of our contracts are monthly and pricing is completely scalable, so as users’ businesses grow, they can quickly and easily add more Hosted Desktops to their package.

There are no setup costs and implementation is equally simple, meaning zero wasted time and effort.

Users can focus on what they do best

Your customers will benefit from a lightweight, easy to operate cloud-based IT system that lets them do their jobs. Meanwhile, we focus on keeping the IT performing at top level. This results in nothing to worry about, such as huge servers and racks of memory, having to hold the line for tech support, and employees being inconvenienced.

Our system removes all of the stress from running an effective IT system, leaving just the results. With GoCloud, it’s all about giving organisations the freedom to focus on what they do best. 

Access anywhere, anytime

Remember those days of old when you could only access your work desktop from that one office? When a day’s heavy snowfall or a contagious bug could cost hours and hours of work time? Well, there are people out there who are still living in that world, just waiting for you to tell them about GoCloud.

With universal accessibility, multi-device functionality and powerful remote work possibilities, it really is a brave new world. You have the opportunity to turn their organisation into a cutting-edge winner, where people can work from home, on the train or in the middle of the night if they wish. Meanwhile, you benefit from healthy profits and the satisfaction of helping the UK’s economy to flow and grow.

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