Hosted Desktops for Property Agencies

Due to working around the country in different ways with specific requirements, property sales and letting agencies need flexible IT solutions that fit around them. Enter GoCloud’s Hosted Desktops.

Unrestricted network with full user control

From a small independent business with a single shop-cum-office, to a large organisation with a central hub and many outlets: sales and letting businesses come in many shapes and sizes. These are the type of people that GoCloud and our partners can serve well with our flexible and easily adaptable Hosted Desktop solution.

Our networks are practically unrestricted by location, bandwidth, hardware type or operating system. They can run anywhere on virtually anything and they are easy and cheap to expand.

There's none of the costly, time-consuming hardware installation. All that is needed is a web connection and any access device, such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Despite being available across a range of devices, customers can still implement the same network policies, hierarchies and access protocols that come with old hardware-based networks. In other words, your sales and letting agency users have the keys to creating a system that works for them.

Keeping user data safe as houses

Estate and letting agents deal with a lot of confidential information on a day-to-day basis, from financial details to legal information, and material that competitors and hackers would give their right arm for. This all needs to stay safe, which is why GoCloud prioritises data security.

We use super-secure 256-bit encryption to make sure that unathorised parties can’t get hold of your users’ data. To put it another way, we implement the same Advanced Encryption Standard that the US government uses when communicating top-secret information. That means your buyers’ data will be many times more secure than that of most other businesses.

User data is also safely stored as well as communicated. Our data centres are based in the UK, benefitting from 24/7 monitoring systems and senior specialists. They’re also accredited to ISO27001, the stringent international industry standard for data security.

Easy desktop access on the go

Office, properties, Land Registry, lunch, motorways – estate agents and letting companies are always on the move. And wherever they go, they need access to their information, documents, price sheets and schedules. Luckily for you and them, they can be online wherever they are with GoCloud because it works remotely on multiple devices, running on a variety of different operating systems.

Your users can go from working on a desktop PC at the office, to checking their diary on a mobile, to looking up a building’s specs on their laptop at home, all thanks to our stable and dynamic Hosted Desktop system. 

What’s more, our Citrix Premium Hosted Desktop package lets users access their remote desktops through low bandwidth, meaning that there will be practically no delays when using mobile web.

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