The Importance of Cyber Security and How GoCloud Can Help

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Good cyber security provision and support can be the difference between success and failure for your clients. That’s why we here at GoCloud take every aspect of partner and end user security very seriously.

The threats that we work hard to protect you from vary, but they can be grouped into four categories: viruses and malware, data security, unproductive downtime, and technical errors. Needless to say, each of these can cause big problems for a business, both immediate and long-term.

This is where GoCloud’s bulletproof cloud-based IT solution comes in, keeping everything safe and secure whilst accessible to the customer.

Data security

Your users will be glad of our outstanding data security. They will know from the daily news that countless organisations, from Yahoo to the US government, have suffered from leaks and compromised data. For every big business data leak, there are thousands more for small and medium enterprises.

To stop user data getting into the hands of hackers and competitors, we provide market-leading 256-bit data encryption to keep information secure as it travels between users to our data centres.

As for the data centres themselves, they undergo stringent assessments to gain ISO27001 accreditation. This means that they operate at the highest internationally recognised standards when it comes to data security. 

Virus and malware protection

When we say that GoCloud is bulletproof, we mean it. All of our Hosted Desktop packages come with cutting-edge Symantec End-Point anti-virus security protection, which is consistently updated to keep users safe from emerging threats.

The recent NHS network shutdown provided a lesson on the importance of this constant updating. The dangerous day of network downtime and disabled hospitals could have been avoided if they had been running with the latest updates, as your customers always are with GoCloud.

No downtime

On the subject of downtime, it’s a huge headache for any organisation, bringing everything to a shuddering halt. That won’t be a worry for your users thanks to our multiple high availability servers.

In the unlikely event that our primary servers encounter a problem, we have smooth and seamless failover systems, designed with the help of HP, to keep everything running without a glitch. We even have refuellable generators for an uninterrupted power supply if a blackout occurs.

Tech support

A big part of security is having someone to rely on if problems arise. With GoCloud, your users will have three lines of support to turn to.

The first is you. We provide our partners with straightforward user admin access for quick and effective customer service response. If more help is needed, we have experienced second and third line tech support available 24/7, as well as a rapid response support ticketing service.

All of this support and security is there to give your customers peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their objectives without having to worry about data corruption.

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