Hosted Desktops for Solicitors and Accountants

Hardworking, competitive, dynamic, stable: these are traits that could describe any number of successful law and accountancy firms.

They’re also words that perfectly describe GoCloud, because just like our end users in the fields of law and finance, we serve our customers with confidence and speed in an ever-changing environment.

That’s why our Partner Programme and Hosted Desktops fit so well into this sphere of business.

Secure data transfer and storage

In the financial and legal sectors, absolute data security is paramount. You know that and your customers know that, so you'll be glad to hear that GoCloud offers industry-leading data protection.

Citigroup, Mossack Fonseca, JP Morgan Chase, Court Ventures are financial and legal companies that have learned the hard way not to be lax when it comes to information security. Of these four sizeable companies, your clients will know that only the two biggest survived major data leaks. With GoCloud, they won’t have to worry about keeping their information safe.

Not only do we use the same Advanced Encryption Standard that national security agencies around the world use for their most secure information, but we also employ the longest encryption keys currently available to business. Length equates to complexity and safety from hackers. That means your buyers’ data will be many times more secure than the majority of their competitors.

We have also been validated and accredited with the tough international industry standard for data centre security, ISO27001. Users can be absolutely certain that their information is secure on our servers at all times.

Always online

There are some areas of business where a person can afford to be out of the loop for a while. Accountancy and law are not this type of business.

People in these areas of work are set to benefit hugely from GoCloud’s always-on functionality. This is made possible through tech support offered 24/7, servers with virtually no downtime, and failover architecture specially created for us by HP.

Your users can also be on wherever they are, thanks to the fact that GoCloud works on multiple devices, running a variety of different operating systems.

Multi-platform functionality

Whether using Windows on their laptop at home, Android on their tablet on the train, or iOS on their mobile when out and about, your users can access their remote desktops, apps and all-important files easily and quickly.

In the busy environment of an accountancy or law firm, where every moment counts, this can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. If your clients want to be the winners at the top of the pile, they should be buying GoCloud from you.

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