5 Partner Programme Pitfalls

In order to sell something effectively, you must first know the potential pitfalls as well as the promised benefits. Through this knowledge and understanding, your profits and customer satisfaction will flourish in unison. 

Here are 5 pitfalls to avoid when choosing a partner for reselling Hosted Desktops.


Every company is different, and its hardware is no exception. Whilst one office will have the latest tech, another will have some that looks like it belongs in a museum. The most common situation is a mix of the two, with some staff having great hardware whilst others have to put up with the scraps.

However, this should never apply to a Hosted Desktop supplier. You can rest assured that GoCloud use only the best hardware for the job, ensuring a product that is safe, secure, smooth and cost-effective.


Imagine if your partner's data centre were compromised, what then? The short answer is that some or all of your customers' Hosted Desktops would fail or become open to malware. Needless to say, that simply won't do.

To put your mind at ease, GoCloud uses an IS027001 accredited UK data centre. Our products also come with free Symantec anti-virus protection, with failover systems co-designed by HP. In the unlikely event that our storage or host's systems fail, we have auto failsafe protection across all servers.


It's all well and good your cloud partner having the goods, but do they have the right people to go with them? Even the newest technology can present errors and problems, so someone knowledgeable needs to be on hand to fix them quickly.

GoCloud offers 2nd and 3rd line tech support, which means that if any of your customers have an enquiry or an issue, a certified expert is available 24/7. Likewise, if you yourself need help with anything, we're always here for you.

Partner support

Selling can be difficult, even when you have an amazing product with the latest features and attractive benefits. That's why we help our partners to optimise their sales and marketing strategy.

We do this by providing an easy to use white labelling kit, allowing you to add your branding to the Hosted Desktops that you're selling. Your design, your language, your pricing structure, your margins - everything is shaped around your company brand and voice, giving you total ownership.

We also send you access to the GoCloud Academy at the very start. This is chockablock with useful advice and actionable tips on how to promote effectively and upscale your sales over time.


This one's a biggie. Many Hosted Desktop partners have strict pricing structures, resulting in inconsistency of profits depending on geographical location, local competition and your sales team's wages.

At GoCloud, we give you complete control over your profits by letting you set the price. As part of the white labelling process, you choose how much you sell our Hosted Desktops for, with the freedom to change whenever you feel suitable.

This also means that you can include offers, such as a referral programme or a discount for companies with multiple sites. Whatever you feel works best for your brand, that's what you sell to your customers.

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