How to Package, Pitch and Make a Profit with GoCloud

GoCloud offers the ability to resell quality Hosted Desktop solutions under your own branding through an easy to use white labelling kit. This means that you can include everything from your company logo and language, to choosing your pricing structure and profit margins.

As with anything that requires people to part with their money, you need to truly understand what you're selling and how to make the process run smoothly. To help, we've whipped up some tips that are easy to action.

Know the product

Do you and your sales team know exactly what you're selling? Do you understand the differences between our Standard and Premium packages, or how Windows 2012 and Citrix XenApp compare and differ? This info will come in very handy when it comes to describing Hosted Desktops to potential customers.

Meanwhile, memorising all of the features (from 256-bit encryption to how our data centres are protected) is the crucial difference between selling a product and creating a loyal customer base.

Focus on the customer

A common piece of sales patter is that all businesses, no matter their size, shape or sector, want to save money as well as make it. That's very true, but it can also cause potential customers to turn cold.

No one wants to be confronted with nothing but "universal truths" even if they do apply. They want a salesperson, especially if unsolicited, to treat their company as a totally unique entity. They want to see that you've done your research and worked out exactly why a Hosted Desktop is right for them on an individual level.

Yes, a Hosted Desktop will improve efficiency, but that can mean different things for large corporations and small startups. Hosted Desktops are perfect for remote working, but does that apply to this particular business?

By treating each sale with the respect and attention it deserves, you'll find that uptake increases and becomes a lot more natural.

Repackage with care

Our white labelling service allows you to completely repackage our Hosted Desktop solutions. Your logo, your language, your way.

Whilst this may seem simple because you already logos and branding elements, does the usual design work well for this type of product? Perhaps it's time for a refresh, or to try a slightly different style to what you use on other materials.

Hosted Desktops are a unique product, so apply your marketing know-how to make your marketing collateral pop!

Have a good think about pricing

How much you charge is up to you, which directly affects your profit margins. Some resellers undercut competition with low prices and special offers, whilst others have higher prices because they invest more into inbound marketing and sales training. 

Similarly, one reseller may employ a Social Media Manager to work alongside their face-to-face sales team, whereas another might put all of their eggs in one basket and save on wages.

All of this affects your profit margins. So whilst Hosted Desktops may seem like a quick win, we strongly recommend that you formulate a sales and marketing strategy as you would with any other service. The more in control you are now, the more your new income stream will develop and grow.

Ready to find out more?

Becoming a GoCloud Partner is the first step to a bright and lucrative future. If you're looking to diversify your business and raise profits, request a free test drive today.