Reselling Hosted Desktops: Disaster Recovery

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Say “disaster” in an operations meeting, and chances are that those around you won’t tackle the subject as seriously as they should. This is because the very word is so full of drama that it seems like it will never prove an issue. Disasters are what happen to other people, we read about them in the news, but one will never befall your company… right?

As unpleasant as it may be, every business regardless of size and nature should have a plan for unforeseen circumstances. Disasters can take many forms, from fire, flood and destruction, to accidents, criminal damage, or even the actions of disgruntled employees. Whilst the cause can vary greatly, the effect is always the same if you’re unprepared, and it can last for anywhere from a few hours to many years, depending on the severity.

If it hasn’t been done already, a realistic contingency plan should be written up by your team, refreshed as required and ready to action at all times. It can cover numerous factors, such as a fast-track supplier of replacement office furniture, and the ability for employees to work remotely when required. An absolutely essential element is your IT infrastructure, because without that your entire business will collapse from the inside.

Disaster recovery is a key benefit of choosing Hosted Desktops. With your full IT setup being accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, employees can immediately resume their work. This means that though your premises or hardware may be out of commission for a while, company downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. With every wasted minute translating into lost profits, can you really afford not to have a reliable backup procedure in place?

Another advantage of Hosted Desktops is that they don’t use an umbrella approach. Every team member’s individual desktop and access rights remain the same no matter where they are, such as files, folders, applications, even shortcuts and desktop wallpaper. This further aids the seamless continuation of duties, simplifying and optimising workplace continuity. All of this is joined by the unparalleled security measures and backup technology that make GoCloud’s Hosted Desktops so popular all around the UK.

To really hammer home the impact that a disaster can have, here’s a statistic: 72% of surveyed businesses said they each suffered up to eight Internet outages during 2015. This equated to a loss of around £12.3 billion nationwide. And that’s just due to their Wi-Fi being on the blink, never mind acts of God, malware, negligence or wrongdoing.

So whilst it’s never nice thinking about the worst that can happen, it’s a big mistake to not put precautions in place to prevent it. Investment in the right IT systems will at the very least give you peace of mind, and one day it could even save your company from a completely avoidable fate.

As for cost, GoCloud’s tailored Hosted Desktop packages are designed to be very affordable. Plus the increased accessibility and efficiency could help to enhance productivity, which can both save and make money in the process.

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