Reselling Hosted Desktops: Automatic Updates

GoCloud only sells its products through partners like you. Individuals and companies that are dedicated to providing a dependable and high quality service, expanding your sales portfolio and increasing profit margins in the process.

Reselling Hosted Desktops requires in-depth understanding of key benefits. After all, a potential customer won’t buy something if you can’t describe to them its full worth. That’s why we’ve created this series of blog posts to help you deliver core messages and become a top seller.

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If a company doesn’t have Hosted Desktops, chances are its employees will be using different versions of each programme. Even though updates may be available, staff often skip them due to impatience, hectic schedules, or simply not understanding the importance of having a completely up-to-date operating system.

Aside from the peace of mind that there is consistency across your business, whether it’s a single office or multiple sites nationwide, there are other very real advantages of automatic updates. One example is enhanced security.

If even a single staff member’s computer is using an old version of an application, there’s a higher risk of it being hacked. This is because cybercriminals are constantly creating smarter malware and spyware, which can break through old firewalls. If you have a GoCloud Hosted Desktop, you know that everything is not only running on the same system, but also the right one.

Automatic updates also mean that everyone has access to any new features that have been released since the last update. Whilst some employees may not use all of them, others could find them extremely useful, even having a significant positive impact to their quality of work and productivity.

Possibly the most valuable benefit of automatic updates is that they save time and money. Due to GoCloud’s Hosted Desktops removing the need for employees to manually update their systems, everything runs faster and smoother without having to wait for it to install. What’s more, there won’t be any discrepancies or errors when collaborating on the same files, removing time-wasting and stressful incompatibility issues that threaten milestones and deadlines.

So when you take into account improved security, collaboration, universal access and daily operations, automatic updates really are a no-brainer. Coming as standard with GoCloud’s Hosted Desktops, the user also benefits from the ability to work remotely, whilst the company can reduce its environmental impact and achieve excellent document control across the workplace.

By becoming a GoCloud partner, you can resell our white label Hosted Desktops under your own name and branding. That’s why so many IT companies and other types of organisations across the UK are already on-board, each setting their own prices to suit their demographic and target audience.

Plus with GoCloud’s second and third line support available 24/7, we’re always here to help if an query arises. Having said that, with our experts working round the clock at our secure UK data centre, the vast majority of issues are nipped in the bud and averted entirely.

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