The Benefits of Becoming a GoCloud Partner

Cloud computing is always on the rise and it won’t be long before every business uses it in some form. In fact, in January 2016 the Cloud Industry Forum reported that 84% of businesses had adopted the cloud, and that 78% of cloud customers use at least two services.

With those stats in mind, you may think that there’s only a very small slice of the pie left for resellers. However, when you take into account that there were 5.4 million SMEs in the UK in 2016, with new start-ups and additional sites appearing all of the time, it still leaves close to a million that are yet to join the cloud. Add to this the migration factor, with many companies moving to GoCloud from another provider due to our excellent products and technical support, and you have yourself a very lucrative opportunity.

By becoming a GoCloud Partner, you can sell our high quality cloud solutions under your own name and branding. Not only that, but you also get to choose the pricing structure and margins. This allows you to take complete control of the marketing and selling of your stock, whilst having peace of mind that the product itself will always deliver. In other words, we keep everything running smoothly, so all you have to do is apply your sales skills to create impressive profits.

To sign up as a GoCloud Partner, simply follow our four-step process. First of all, complete the online form so that we can supply further information. Our team will then get in touch, explain the arrangement and send you a partner agreement. Next comes the welcome pack, which includes our prices and an optional 7-day test drive. The fourth and final stage is the provision of a white-label marketing kit, along with access to the GoCloud Academy.

Once this smooth and straightforward setup process is complete, it’s time for you to sell on your own terms. Using the easy and effective white-labelling kit, you can brand our cloud solutions however you see fit, with the ability to change designs, literature and campaigns as and when required. Meanwhile, the GoCloud Academy provides hints and tips on how to smash your profit ceiling without compromising on integrity and the user experience.

Speaking of customer service, we provide second and third line support 24/7, which means that if a customer ever has a query outside of your area of expertise, we can take over seamlessly. Whilst second line can deal with most technical enquiries, third line is available when the enquiry is highly specific. Whatever the case, your customers will never be left without a solution.

So if you’d like to expand your portfolio and increase profits easily and consistently, read more on how to become a partner. With GoCloud’s highly effective, secure and easy to use solutions, you can help customers to make the most of the cloud whilst taking your turnover to new heights.