Reselling Hosted Desktops: Document Control

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An advantage of Hosted Desktops that is often overlooked is document control. With each year that passes, more and more business is collaborative. It could be anything from creating graphic or written content for print and digital campaigns, to developing strategies, brand guidelines and HR documents. With so many people involved (e.g. the CEO and various members of the marketing department, or the CFO and the finance team), updating a single document can be tricky.

In the past it was either a case of individuals taking it in turns to go through and add their tweaks to a document, or everyone working on their own duplicate file. Whilst the former is effective, it’s also very time-consuming; meanwhile, the latter is equally effective, until the rigmarole of collating countless annotations, many of which conflict with those of other team members.

With cloud-based document control, a business can allocate management rights for the same file to multiple users, whilst restricting access to unauthorised personnel. Not only that, but changes can be made simultaneously by numerous people, and even from different sites. So if the IT Manager wants to go through the document in their office whilst the MD works on it from home, Hosted Desktops provide the answer.

The benefits of advanced document control are wide-ranging. First off, it completely removes the need for back-and-forth emails and messages, in turn preventing key points from being duplicated or missed entirely. By using the built-in annotations and track changes functions, everyone is quite literally on the same page at all times. With this comes a greater level of collaboration, as the full team can keep an eye on what’s happening overall, allowing a better understanding of how the document is evolving in real time.

With the document securely stored in the cloud, you also know that mishaps can’t occur. How many times have you gone into a file, only to find that someone has accidentally written over it with an older version, or accidentally deleted your comments? With everyone working in unison, it’s just the one file that develops, with annotations and tracked amendments enabling everyone to keep up to speed.

On top of all that, with all of your documents stored in the cloud, you’ll save on energy costs due to a more efficient system whilst seeing an increase in productivity thanks to optimised access, storage and security.

So with practically every element of operations benefitting from cloud solutions, there’s never been a better time to become a GoCloud Hosted Desktops reseller. We even provide them as white label packages so that you can add your own branding and pricing structure.

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