Reselling Hosted Desktops: Security

GoCloud only sells its products through partners like you. Individuals and companies that are dedicated to providing a dependable and high quality service, expanding your sales portfolio and increasing profit margins in the process.

Reselling Hosted Desktops requires in-depth understanding of key benefits. After all, a potential customer won’t buy something if you can’t describe to them its full worth. That’s why we’ve created this series of blog posts to help you deliver core messages and become a top seller.

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It’s startling and actually quite scary that 59% of organisations have experienced a malware infiltration.* This can lead to anything from downtime and loss of profits, to breaches of security so serious that a business could be shut down and face legal action from its customers.  

Despite viruses and unauthorised access proving so destructive, many companies use weak, out-of-date and unsuitable IT infrastructures that might as well come with a welcome mat for hostile forces. And yet the solution is so simple, effective and affordable, with Hosted Desktops removing the risks whilst presenting a variety of other key benefits. To rectify the situation, it’s simply a case of getting business leaders to understand why they need to take action, and that’s where our partners come in.

As a GoCloud partner, you can resell our robust Hosted Desktops to your customers, simultaneously keeping their online security levels and your monthly profits healthier than ever. Our UK data centre boasts highly reliable safeguards, fire suppression systems, round-the-clock monitoring, emergency power systems and a team of technical specialists, meaning that nothing gets in or out without authorisation.

Advanced and dependable security is a powerful selling tool. Whilst accessibility, cost-effectiveness and flexibility are all key, they’re nothing without appropriate measures to keep data from being copied, removed or corrupted. This applies no matter what the size of the company, with SMEs, start-ups and even freelancers being just as at risk as large corporations and charities. And seeing how hackers can abuse all kinds of data, and malware and viruses attack without discrimination, it’s valid to say that each and every one of your customers will benefit from secure Hosted Desktops.

As a GoCloud partner, you’ll receive everything you need to resell, including a white-label marketing kit for making the product entirely your own. Once up and running, we offer full admin access to your customers’ Citrix and Windows environments. This enables you to offer a speedy first-line customer support service, with our experts providing additional levels 24/7. Due to the IT server and network infrastructure being owned by GoCloud, your own environment remains safe, secure and accessible at all times. This also keeps your overheads down, as there’s no need to worry about purchasing a server and meeting all of the associated costs.

We live in a world where everything is online, from our contact details and private communications, to bank data, passwords and even our very identities. This applies as much to businesses as it does to individuals, so it’s imperative that companies invest in cloud solutions to ensure ongoing security and peace of mind. There’s never been a better time to resell Hosted Desktops.

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* Source: Trustwave