Reselling Hosted Desktops: Accessibility

GoCloud only sells its products through partners like you. Individuals and companies that are dedicated to providing a dependable and high quality service, expanding your sales portfolio and increasing profit margins in the process.

Reselling Hosted Desktops requires in-depth understanding of key benefits. After all, a potential customer won’t buy something if you can’t describe to them its full worth. That’s why we’ve created this series of blog posts to help you deliver core messages and become a top seller.

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With cloud solutions providing unparalleled security, accessibility and efficiency, it’s not surprising that so many companies are choosing them. Hosted Desktops play an especially large role in this technical migration, and GoCloud’s partners are empowering businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits whilst increasing their own revenue.

By choosing Hosted Desktops, a company can still enjoy the full desktop experience that they’re accustomed to, only from any device, at any time, and from anywhere in the world. Using cloud technology, a Hosted Desktop takes your personal desktop, including its folders, shortcuts, settings and even the wallpaper, and makes it available no matter where you are. This means that time can be managed to a far greater degree, with all members of the team having the option to work even when the premises are closed.

With all files and applications also available at your home office, from a client’s site and during travel, employees find that their productivity levels suddenly skyrocket. Simultaneously facilitating remote working, off-site collaboration and even the conversion of the daily commute into an extension of the working day, it’s about working smarter rather than longer. For example, if one member of staff would prefer to get the morning’s emails out of the way whilst riding the train, and another wants to make last-minute changes to a presentation in the middle of the night, Hosted Desktops enable them to achieve it.

It’s also worth noting that a survey conducted by PGI found that 82% of remote workers reported lower stress levels, 80% reported higher morale, and 69% reported reduced absenteeism.* So if any of your customers are unsure about remote working, let them know about these findings and how they can strengthen their operations. As long as this versatile format of working is monitored, it could lead to incredible results and a happier workforce.

As a GoCloud partner, you can resell Hosted Desktops at a rate that guarantees an excellent return on investment. Usually just explaining the accessibility feature is enough to gain a customer’s attention, as most will understand that with this comes increased capability and improved time management, both of which are synonymous with profit. You can then follow this up with the numerous other advantages, from advanced security and disaster recovery, to the positive effect Hosted Desktops have on the environment due to lower power usage. We’re confident that once this information is delivered, the deal will soon be sealed.

The beauty of the GoCloud partner programme is that you don’t need large amounts of capital expenditure or technical knowledge. This is thanks to our flexible and tailored approach, as well as providing partner support, a dedicated account manager, and marketing material that can include your own branding. With all of the hard work removed, we leave you to resell the product on a level and frequency that suits, allowing adaptability for when you want to progress to the next level.

Interested in keeping your current customers whilst growing sales? Find out how to become a partner and together we’ll diversify your cash flow through standard and premium Hosted Desktops.

* Source: SlideShare