15% of SMBs use Cloud to Back Up

A recent survey has found that many SMBs still use offline practices to backup their company data, with just 15% using cloud-based services to protect their data. This represents something of an untapped market for cloud resellers as many of 90% of businesses admit that they see the benefits of moving to the cloud. The study, carried out by Mozy and Compass Partners, also found that an increasing number of professionals (80%) are choosing to work remotely, making the need for secure backup solutions even more pressing. The survey profiled several professionals who work with sensitive customer data regularly and found that many were either not aware, or not too bothered about the security of the data they work with.

The research also flagged up the growing popularity of BYOD schemes, with 63% of those asked stating that they use their personal smartphone, 30% use an iPad and 80% use a personal laptop for work. 87% of those asked said that the company they work for has no policy in place for using personal devices for work.

A third of companies said that they let workers decide how best to backup business data on their personal devices and the majority of those polled said that they don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place that meet current data protection standards. Indeed, 41% of those asked said that they often backup company data to a USB stick which is then later used by another member of the family and could, of course, easily become lost.

IT for small businesses is more flexible and financially accessible than ever before and as such, some are realising the benefit of the cloud and migrating accordingly. However, there remains a huge amount of SMBs that are yet to take advantage of the cloud revolution.

As such, reselling products such as GoCloud’s hosted desktops is advantageous to any IT company who want to make the most out of the growing SMB market. There are no expensive set-up costs and resellers can make payments on a monthly basis.

This means that resellers are ideally situated to be able to offer cloud services to their customers with very little risk and can certainly ensure that the SMBs they deal with can enjoy the benefits of cloud. In terms of backing up, SMBs have an unrivalled opportunity to fine-tune their IT requirements, whilst using remote desktop applications to cut existing costs.

In the past, small businesses have been somewhat hampered by the expense involved with IT and as such, many have bypassed any benefits that may be enjoyed. However, with cloud, they now have the opportunity to fully integrate IT solutions with their business and enjoy the same benefits as a large company might, without the need for a dedicated IT department.

This is because all of the solutions offered by GoCloud are fully supported and all data is kept in a secure data centre which is manned 24/7. This means that both resellers and their customers can have the peace of mind of secure data coupled with expert support whatever happens.

GoCloud hosted desktops also do away with the need for physical backup, something which will be a relief for many small companies, especially in light of the survey results. Cloud take-up has been slow over the past year or so and this is mostly due to security worries centring around moving to the cloud and where data is stored.

However, these fears can be allayed with GoCloud hosted desktop solutions; not only is all the information sent over the internet fully encrypted, it’s also kept at a secure UK data centre.

As more and more professionals are choosing to work from home or whilst they are travelling, it’s an ideal time to show them why it’s vital that they backup their data securely. Many people don’t think about the consequences of using a personal device for work, but if the survey is correct, and 90% of entrepreneurs and small business owners recognise the benefits of the cloud, then now is the ideal time to get them moving.

The study also found that 30% of companies suffered data loss due to hard drive failure, crash or theft last year and in 70% of cases, the data was not recoverable. In addition to this, one in nine businesses have suffered the theft of a laptop, with 98% of them saying that they were unable to recover lost data.

This is something that would be fully addressed by moving to the cloud so there is no need to ‘hard sell’ GoCloud products to businesses, the benefits of hosted desktops sell themselves.